ok here's part 7 - Torchwood and Doctor loving about to come :D

Title - HIWTHMI {7/10}
Author - inufan92
Rating - Teen
Spoiler - none
Summary - Methos is going back to England, Torchwood beware!

Things get interesting )
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Here is part 6!!!!!!!!!

Title - HIWTHMI {6/10}
Author - inufan92
Rating - Mature Teen
Spoilers - Shaman Tournament
Summary - The battle has come to a close

The battle ends )
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ok here's chapter 5

Title - Home is where the heart makes it {5/10}
Author - inufan92
rating - Mature Teen
Spoilers - a little bit of Parting of the Ways and Shaman King all seasons.
Summary - Jack Gets a spirit and joins the Shaman Tournament

let the tournament begin )
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ok I write this because I need to write some D/J slash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title - interlude
Author - inufan92
Rating - NC-17
Summary - three different times {to three different songs} where Captain Jack is bored and tense, what will the Doctor do to fix this {Eight/Jack/Nine; Nine/Jack/Ten; Ten/Jack/Eleven}

Three times Jack was bored and three times Doctor fixed it )
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Here's part 4! The Shaman stuff is here now! I think Jack's Spirit should wait till chapter 5, give me ideas on what it should be!

Title - Home is where the heart makes it {4/10}
Author - inufan92
Rating - Mature Teen
Spoiler - hmmm, none really
Summary - Spirits and Ghosties?

seeing spirits )
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Ok here it is.

Title - home is where your heart makes it {3/10}
Author - inufan92
Rating - Mature Teen
Spoilers - none for Dr Who or Torchwood - Highlander: The Source? Everything! :D
Summary - Jack's more special than anyone thought

The Game has ended )
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Ok, well then, here I go.

My Explination - I posted this yesterday, about an hour after the first part but stuff buggered up and went wrong so I'm going to try to fix it now.

coming up -  part 2!

sorry but i've decided not to cut it all because it just keeps going wrong, i dont know why and its pissing me off!

Title - home is where your heart makes it {2/10}
Rating - (Mature Teen)
Author - Inufan92
Spoilers - none
Summary - Jack’s more special than we thought

(A bottle of Stoli and a story or two) )

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Ok, here is my first and only fic, for Wintercompanion 2010!

Summary - Using prompts -

What if Jack hadn't met the Ninth Doctor first? - The Doctor meets Jack during his two missing years. - The Doctor tracks down all or part of Jack's missing memories. He finds out what is contained within them and has to decide whether to give them back or destroy them.- Jack's missing memories include the Time War as the Doctor's lover.
Crossover of Highlander {probably TV series} and Shaman King {Anime series} to add a little shockingness to the mix.
Jack is a special person, he knows more than he lets on, sees more than people think.



Spoilers - no real spoilers,because I'm only mentioning things and people but not actually going into their detail, the Dr/Jack is mainly flashbacks for this bit.




(He had been alone for so long, he no longer recalled his name as clearly as before, he had done so much, seen so much, that a name seemed almost unimportant and unnecessary, he was ancient, unending, he was The First Immortal) )

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