01 October 2012 @ 06:15 pm
Learned your lessons? Either way: lessons are over; time to go home. *g* Which is to say, the Lessons Challenge is closed now. As always you can find any entries under the appropriate tag, "challenge: lessons", or just click here.

New challenge coming up in a minute!
29 September 2012 @ 07:27 am
Title: Lessons Learned
Author: Scifiangel
Challenge: Lessons
Pairing: Jack/Ten
Rating: G, All
Disclaimer: I don't own our lovely boys. They belong to the BBC. I make no money from this, much to my sorrow. Full disclaimer under cut.

Lessons )
02 September 2012 @ 01:03 am
It's September - the month of going back to school, starting a new term, getting in gear for more learning, and for a new season of Who. :D With all that influx of new information, we figured it was a great opportunity to resurrect one of our favorite challenges:

We all know that the original idea of Doctor Who was to teach children about history and science in a fun and easy way. Now why not write fanfics in the same spirit? Stories that provide information on something - perhaps not useful, or impressive, but true. Whether it's Owen ranting about details concerning a new epedemic, or the plague in Cardiff, of just the Doctor spilling some random information about the time/place they've landed in.

Doctor Who is so very much about learning, and growth, and lessons. This month, use your story to teach! After all, Jack and the Doctor have so much to teach us -- and often, so much to learn. Whether they're filling us in, or being taught themselves, it's your call. Whatever the lesson, we're looking forward to it.

As a gentle reminder, please don't crosspost stories for this challenge elsewhere until the challenge closes about one month from now. And don't forget - leave a comment in THIS post and tell us what you think the next challenge should be!