Title: Never is a Long Time
Author/Artist/Vidder/...: lavinia_fics
Challenge: 2011 Doctor/Jack Bingo Fest
Prompt used:  “I’m not doing that and you can’t make me” (N-1)
Rating:  K
Pairing:  11th Doctor/Jack
Spoilers/warnings:  Cross-Dressing, Slash; Spoilers for The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (Well, if a costume counts as a spoiler)
Summary:  Jack found an outfit . . . and it gives him ideas.
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Title: The Tears of a Clown
Author/Artist/Vidder/...: [livejournal.com profile] lavinia_fics 
Challenge: 2011 Doctor/Jack Bingo Fest
Prompt used:  Sadness (N-1)
Rating:  K
Pairing:  10th Doctor/Jack (But could also fit 11)
Spoilers/warnings:  Very Slightly pre-slash. Spoiler free.
Summary:  Jack finds the Doctor alone in the TARDIS and watches him.
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