Title: live forever.
Artist: [personal profile] mahmfic
Prompt: 4 - disgust, opening, project, It's A Small World After All
Rating: R for cursing
Pairing: Doctor/Jack
Spoilers/warnings: none
Type of Artwork: Fanmix
Summary: A Rock/Rap fusion mix of the Doctor and Jack and their complicated relationship. It's more from Jack's perspective.

live forever. )

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Title: 22 Measures
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] mahmfic
Pairing: 12th Doctor/Jack
Rating: G
Spoilers/warnings: None
Type of Artwork: Fanmix

Short Summary: Jack is a dance instructor for the Nooce Retirement Center. It's supposed to be another normal summer teaching waltzes to the elderly. He plays one of his favorite big band/jazz tunes on the drive to work [1]. Except there's one student who is rather different this year. He's the youngest in the class but the oldest at the same time. He's grumpy, hates waltzes and everyone in the class dislikes him. After playing the first waltz[2], the Doctor grabs his electric guitar and plays a song that wouldn't be out of place at a rock concert[3]. Jack is memorized by this man. He decides to learn more about him. After much protest on the Doctor's part, they become friends, learn about each others past etc [4]. Soon enough they fall in love [5]. They get their freak on [6]. Jack decides that a traditional waltz won't fit for the Doctor. So at the end of the class when everyone showcases the waltz to the rest of the retirement center, Jack and the Doctor waltz to the song Nothing Else Matters [7]. Then happily ever after/hopeful future, yada yada yada XD [8].

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