The world has righted itself - just in time for March to blow in like a lion, bringing the 2010 Jack-Doctor Fest along with it. That means it's time to close the Carnivale challenge - and prompt collection for the 2010 Fest - so we can get everything off and running!

You can find all of January's entries under the challenge: carnivale tag, or just click here.

The prompt posts for the 2010 Winter Companions Jack-Doctor Fest will be up shortly!
Welcome to February: it's not just about Valentine's Day, this year. This year Carnival, Mardi Gras, Carnevale - the feasts of fools, where up is down and down is up and everything old is new again - they're February celebrations. And since we've just left the Doctor and Jack figuring out who they really are, what better time to turn things topsy-turvy on them! (Yes, we are cruel. But it is so much FUN!)

So this month, bring the surprises! Bring the ridiculous, the wacky, the cracktastic, the hysterical, the wild, the scary, and the bizarre - the Doctor and Jack will cope with all their usual aplomb, we're sure! Welcome to the Carnivale Challenge!

As a gentle reminder, please don't crosspost stories for this challenge elsewhere until the challenge closes about one month from now. And don't forget - leave a comment in THIS post and tell us what you think the next challenge should be!

And an update: The Jack/Doctor Fest is a go! Due to overwhelming votes in favor, it'll be an open Fest, like our inaugural event. We'll open up two posts for prompts on February 21, and the Fest itself will open up on March 1 - and run for the whole month. We can't wait for everyone to come and play!