Title: Not a proper governess
Author: lilithangel ([profile] lilithbint)
Prompt: 6 - love, sewing, recipe, Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)
Rating: PG13
Characters: The Doctor (twelfth), Jack, Missy, OCs
Spoilers/warnings: spoilers for series ten

Summary: The Doctor wants Missy to make amends while the guilt is still strong. They go looking for Jack as one of the few survivors of her previous regenerations.

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Title: Flight
Author: Lilithangel ([livejournal.com profile] lilithbint)
Prompt: #8 - 58 helixes, Fleur, weaver, lecture
Rating: G
Characters: Jack, the Doctor (twelve), Missy, Ocs
Spoilers/warnings: None

Flight )
Title: Isle of the Dead
Author: Lilithangel
Prompt: #10 - tone poem, entomology, Twenty Eighty-Four, Xxxx'indish
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Doctor (undisclosed)
Spoilers/warnings: none
Summary: The Doctor’s song was an offbeat four pulse of time and two hearts and he relied on his companions to provide the melody that defined him. Without a companion he would often seek out other songs and try to fix things without the melody to bring him home. Jack’s melody was so strong he often felt overwhelmed but sometimes that was just what he needed. The TARDIS always brought him home unless he was a complete idiot and sent her away.
A/N: title taken from the Rachmaninoff symphonic (tone) poem which was inspired by Arnold Böcklin's painting of the same name, created a holistic reflection on how life and death are intertwined through the sounds of the ferryman’s oars dipping into the river Styx.

Isle of the Dead )
Title:The Gambler
Author: Lilithangel
Fandom: Doctor Who (AU)
Characters: Jack, the Doctor (ninth), Rose Tyler
Rating: PG
Spoiler/Warnings: none apply

Summary: In a world where the Hindenburg was filled with helium rather than hydrogen and didn’t explode, and the Wright Brothers were dismissed as flaky inventors, zeppelins still rule the sky and steam engines have been made smaller while being faster and more efficient. A conman meets a man who is more than he appears. Of course nothing may be as it appears.
Prompt 9: Thiefmaster, In a casino, With a two of spades, In a steam-powered subterranean train.

A/N: I didn’t manage to incorporate the two of spades but a steampunk inspired universe snuck up on me and this is what happened.

As the war dragged on... )
Title: What is love?
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lilithbint
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] wildfreehearts
Rating: G (as gen as Jack can be)
Pairing(s): the Face of Boe (Jack)/the Doctor
Characters: Face of Boe, the Doctor (Eleventh), Jack, Clara, Amy, Rory
Spoilers/warnings: references to canon character death
Summary: The Face of Boe has known the Doctor through a dozen lifetimes and a dozen faces (for both of them). Just once the Doctor looked at him for more than friendship and he had to disappear. Now the Doctor looked at him with friendship but no knowledge of their journey. Sure he’d changed but somehow he’d hoped the Doctor would look deeper, even as he knew from his own history that the Doctor wouldn’t, couldn’t look any deeper.

What is love? )
Title: Trenzalore
Author: Lilithangel ([livejournal.com profile] lilithbint)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Jack, the Doctor (future), OCs.
Rating/Warning: PG13 for character death.
Summary: Silence will fall when the question is asked. A different question in a story that had yet to finish.

On Trenzalore the larger the tomb the braver and more important the soldier buried there. The Commander, the Khan as he was called by his army, doesn’t have his name on a tomb.

Prompt 14: 65, Blue Sapphire, The Khan, The Flood

Trenzalore )
Title: The Future’s So Bright
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lilithbint
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] trobadora
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Eleven/Jack
Spoilers/warnings: Angst, hurt/comfort, slash
Summary: The Doctor’s on the lookout for somewhere to think. He ends up somewhere else (as always) and runs into a very old friend and a familiar face.
Author’s Notes: Slight spoiler for The Bells of St John but only slight.

The Future’s So Bright )
Title: The Fifth Great Migration
Author: Lilithangel[livejournal.com profile] lilithbint
Pairing: Eleven/Jack
Rating: G
Spoilers/warnings: Contains mild violence.
Summary: Humanity spreads out to the stars and there are many stories of the man who doesn’t die and a mad man in a blue box that can sometimes save the day. This is one of those stories.
Prompt: Zaatr; Fifth Great Migration; Snarling Ridge; caravans

Our people have always travelled, always looked toward a new horizon. )
29 September 2011 @ 09:27 pm
Lazy day doing nothing much at all.

Author: Lilithangel

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (Eleventh)

Rating/Warnings: Gen, contains spoilers up to Closing Time

Challenge: Perfect Day

Summary: He knows he’s going to die and he wants one perfect day. There’s so much guilt with so many of his companions and it’s all so complicated with River, but then he stumbles onto someone else looking for a perfect day.

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13 July 2011 @ 05:20 pm
Title: Glad
Author: Lilithangel ([livejournal.com profile] lilithbint)
Challenge: Summer/Winter Holidays 3
Pairing: Jack/the Doctor (Eleventh)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/warnings: up to 6x04
Summary: the Doctor returns to Stormcage to figure out why he had felt Jack’s presence there.
Prompt: yellow 38 surprise rose

The Doctor had felt something when they'd dropped River off back at Stormcage, other than River's lips anyway... )
Title: The right kind of Doctor
Author: Lilithangel ([livejournal.com profile] lilithbint)
Challenge: Summer Holidays 2
Prompt Group: 12 - collector - greed - oddity - lure
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Eleven, Amy
Spoilers/Warnings: contains slight spoilers for 5.09 Cold Blood and 5.10 The Doctor and Vincent. No specific warnings.
Summary: The Doctor takes Amy to a carnival planet to cheer her up after Vincent. They meet the most unlikely beachcomber ever and things are finally settled between the Doctor and Jack.

The right kind of Doctor )
Sneaking in under the wire, I just couldn't resist this prompt.

Dark glass

Author: Lilithangel

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (tenth), the Master, Martha

Rating/Warnings: NC17 for masturbation, language and naughty suggestions.

Summary: A very different Jack rides through the vortex to confront a very different Doctor at the end of time.

Prompt: An AU in the style of the Star Trek Mirrorverse: Evil!Doctor and Evil!Jack, gleefully being evil together. :D (Bonus points for mixing in some hero!Master ...)

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Author: Lilithangel

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (several) OC’s

Rating/Warnings: character death.

Challenge: 2010 fest

Summary: The residents of Riverside lane have new neighbours.

Challenge Prompt: Somewhere, somewhen, there is a house whose occupants seem to change all the time. Sometimes it is a very handsome man in a great coat. Sometimes, it's a man in a bowtie (sometimes accompanied by a woman, sometimes not). Sometimes there's a mysterious blue box with strange lettering in the front yard. And sometimes it stands empty for years at a time, until the ivy starts to encroach. The Doctor and Jack do domestic in their own ways.

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Title: Memory Keeper

Author: Lilithangel

Challenge: Remembrance

Rating: PG13 for character death

Pairing: Jack/the Doctors

Spoilers/warnings: contains memories of The Sound of Drums, the Last of the Time Lords, Planet of the Ood, The Stolen Earth, Aliens of London, End of Days and Small Worlds.

Summary: They called him the memory keeper and travelled to find him so their stories would never end.

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Title: Jack
Author: Lilithangel / [livejournal.com profile] lilithbint
Characters: Jack/the tenth Doctor
Rating/Warnings: PG13 for m/m sexual relations. No specific episode spoilers.
Challenge: Summer Holidays
Prompt group: 12: compromise, compromising, persuasion, entice.

Jack )
Cold hands warm hearts

Author: Lilithangel

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (ninth)

Rating/Warnings: NC17 for sex and mild domination.

Challenge: Pr0n

Summary: Jack loved the feel of those hands on his body and the double heart beat rhythm in his ear when they collapsed afterward.

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Lessons in dying

Author: Lilithangel

Fandom: Doctor Who

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (tenth)

Rating/Warnings: PG13 for character death (repeated) and suggestions of m/m relations.

Challenge: infosharing

Summary: A lot can be learned when you die a lot, not just how many ways there are to do it.

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26 February 2009 @ 09:34 pm
I didn't plan on writing anything but the idea jumped me and wouldn't let go.

This is a restyling of The Empty Child set in England after the Napoleonic wars. So no Time Lords or Time Agents, no TARDIS or aliens. Hope it works.

The Rogue

Author: Lilithangel

Challenge: Mills and Boons

Spoilers: The Empty Child but only barely.

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (ninth), Rose

Rating/Warnings: PG13 for violence and Jack.

Summary: Captain Jack Harkness is ex-Military Intelligence, cut loose after the capture of Napoleon. Disillusioned by the actions of those in power he now makes a living conning those he holds responsible. At a weekend party Jack encounters the mysterious Doctor Smith and his assistant, Rose Tyler. Mistaking them for agents of the Home Office he tries to con them and finds himself caught up in their search for missing widow Melinda Anderson and her son, Alexander.

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06 January 2009 @ 08:30 pm
Don’t do domestic

Author: Lilithangel

Characters: Jack/Nine, Jack/Ten, Jack/Eleven

Rating/Warnings: PG

Challenge: Domesticity

Summary: the Doctor doesn’t do domestic and Jack’s experience of it includes five years trapped in a time loop with a psychopath so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to him. Does what they have count?

A/N: in considering the concept of domestic I decided it was too difficult to get either the Doctor or Jack into a three bedroom semi-detached with a picket fence and a dog. When you spend long enough around someone you start anticipating their thoughts, stop saying thank you and maybe even fuss a bit.

1 a: living near or about human habitations b: tame , domesticated (the domestic cat)3: of or relating to the household or the family (domestic chores) (domestic happiness)4: devoted to home duties and pleasure.

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29 December 2008 @ 11:30 am
In the dark

Author: Lilithangel

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (ninth)

Rating/Warnings: PG

Challenge: darkness

Summary: the Doctor loses his sight and Jack blames himself. Learning to cope with the darkness the Doctor finally sees that Jack is bigger on the inside.

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