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Winter Companions

a Doctor/Jack challenge community

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Name:Winter Companions
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Old friends, old friends,
Sat on their parkbench like bookends
A newspaper blown through the grass
Falls on the round toes
of the high shoes of the old friends

Old friends, winter companions, the old men
Lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sunset
The sounds of the city sifting through trees
Settle like dust on the shoulders of the old friends

~Simon & Garfunkel~

Winter Companions is a challenge community for all things Doctor/Jack - fic, art, vids or anything else pairing the Doctor - any incarnation of the Doctor - and Captain Jack Harkness.

This community was created for the Ten/Jack fest (see the results here) and was converted into a challenge community afterwards.

Content policies

Anything involving a Doctor/Jack pairing is welcome here - fic, art, vids or anything else pairing you can come up with. Pre-slash or subtexty works are fine as well. Your entry may contain other pairings, so long as there is a Doctor/Jack pairing involved.

There's no length or size requirement - from drabble to epic, from icons to wallpaper to painting, it's all good. (And kudos to you if you can manage an epic within the time frame of a challenge. *g*)

Simple, isn't it? However:

Please do not post anything other than challenge entries to this community. Questions, suggestions or anything else you'd like to talk to us about can be posted in the comments to any mod post. If there is an issue you feel the community as a whole should be aware of, please contact the mods first - it's their job to take care of such issues, after all.

And please apply common sense - that means no flaming, trolling, character bashing or anything of the like. (You're not going to do any of that, are you?)

Time frame

Regular challenges last for two months; you have two month to respond to the challenge. There are also special event challenges which may last for differing time periods (such as the Summer/Winter Holidays in July). At the end of each period, the challenge will be formally closed by one of the mods; you may post entries up to that formal closing message.

All entries must be posted only to the wintercompanion community for the duration of the challenge. Once a challenge is formally closed, no more entries for that challenge will be accepted, and you are free to crosspost your entry to your own LJ, webpage, archive, or anywhere else. (There's an amnesty challenge at the end of the year, where entries for any previous challenges may be posted.)

A new challenge will be posted shortly afterwards.

Posting format

When you post your entry to wintercompanion, make sure anything spoilery is hidden behind a cut. Stories, artwork and vids should be posted behind a cut with only the header info/teaser visible – please include the following header info:

Spoilers/warnings: (please list episodes your entry could be considered spoilery for, even if they're old)

Please also include your LJ name, title, pairing and rating in the subject line of your post in the following format:

username: Title (Pairing) [Rating]

That makes it much easier for readers browsing the comm, and for the mods to tag your entries correctly. And if you want to save your mods some work, please tag your entries yourself! There will be tags available for each challenge, as well as pairings. Author/artist/vidder tags will be added as needed.

Spoiler policy

If your entry contains spoilers for an episode that has not yet aired anywhere (e.g. the new series of Doctor Who) or has aired in the UK less than a month ago, include a spoiler warning and make sure nothing spoilery is visible outside the cut tag.

If something has aired in the UK more than a month ago, it's fair game, but please err on the side of caution with your header info.

Regardless of whether there is anything "new" in your entry, please list episodes (or entire series, if that is the case) your entry could be considered spoilery for - even if it's Old Who.

Challenge suggestions

Have an idea for a new challenge? Please let us know! You can post challenge suggestions by commenting on any previous challenge announcement.

Fine Print

The format for this challenge comm is modeled after sga_flashfic and ds_flashfiction, with kind permission from the mods, and our regular challenges follow the same basic rules.

Your mods are wojelah and trobadora, and the lovely header and layout were made for us by the fabulous raisintorte.

If you have any more questions, please leave us a comment on any mod post.
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