Title: Birthday Disaster
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ciw77
Pairing: 10/Jack
Rating: unrated
Spoilers/warnings: none given
Summary: It’s the Doctor's birthday and Jack wants to make it special; as always with these two, nothing ever really goes according to plan. But this time around, things are a lot more serious.
Prompt 3: 10, Tin, President Aeternix, The Plague

Birthday Disaster )
Title= Loyalty and Betrayal
Author= ciw77
Challenge= loyalty and betrayal
Rating= PG
Disclaimer= This is a work of fiction and I don't own Doctor Who or anything, they belong to the BBC and RTD etc.
Spoilers/Warnings= Mild descriptions of torture and death and tiny for Utopia
Summary= The Doctor has betrayed Jack to the time agency, but has he?

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