01 March 2009 @ 07:41 pm
February is over. Romance is dead. - Well, this particular brand of romance, at least! Which is to say, the Mills and Boon Challenge is closed now. :-)

You can find all the entries under the challenge: mills and boon tag, or just click here.

New challenge coming up right away!
Title: The Valiant Stranger's Return
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] vail_kagami 
Challenge: Mills and Boon
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Crack
Summary: The story of a destined love. Or not.

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26 February 2009 @ 09:34 pm
I didn't plan on writing anything but the idea jumped me and wouldn't let go.

This is a restyling of The Empty Child set in England after the Napoleonic wars. So no Time Lords or Time Agents, no TARDIS or aliens. Hope it works.

The Rogue

Author: Lilithangel

Challenge: Mills and Boons

Spoilers: The Empty Child but only barely.

Characters: Jack/the Doctor (ninth), Rose

Rating/Warnings: PG13 for violence and Jack.

Summary: Captain Jack Harkness is ex-Military Intelligence, cut loose after the capture of Napoleon. Disillusioned by the actions of those in power he now makes a living conning those he holds responsible. At a weekend party Jack encounters the mysterious Doctor Smith and his assistant, Rose Tyler. Mistaking them for agents of the Home Office he tries to con them and finds himself caught up in their search for missing widow Melinda Anderson and her son, Alexander.

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02 February 2009 @ 12:16 pm
Welcome to February: the month of chocolate, St. Valentine, red roses, and grand romantic schemes.

And we all know how well grand schemes of ANY kind tend to go when the Doctor and Jack are involved.

It's time for you to tell us about them, in the Mills and Boon Challenge! (Or the Harlequin Challenge, depending where you live. :D)

Are they romancing each other? Romancing the Stone? Bent out of shape because they lack romance? These two are used to improbable plots - what happens if they're suddenly dropped into the kinds of adventures usually found between the covers... (of a paperback novel - get those minds out of the gutter)!  Or maybe they do get lost in a book - literally!   The course of true love never did run smooth....

AU, real world, or nefarious plot concocted by an enemy to get them out of the way, it's time to inflict some unadulterated romance of the bodice-ripping sort on our two favorites. Need some ideas? Check out Mills and Boon online - the more outrageous the plot, the better!

And remember - we now have a face for the Eleventh Doctor - and mysterious strangers are entirely the rage when it comes to romance novels. So why not play around with him? (Or, ahem, let Jack play around with him....)

As a gentle reminder, please don't crosspost stories for this challenge elsewhere until the challenge closes about one month from now. And don't forget - leave a comment in THIS post and tell us what you think the next challenge should be!