18 July 2017 @ 10:14 pm
So I decided to give in and finally get Netflix. Thought that seemed more pleasant than having a life. First I'm going to finish watching Doctor Who S6 (I had to return the DVD to the library once I got to mid-S6, and I was getting sick of seeing the bad Finnish DVD subtitles, anyway - I'm used to watching only with English subtitles, where you don't run into awkward translations for "sonic screwdriver" and so forth) and then watch Sense8 which has been recommended to me by so many people and frankly, has Freema Agyeman so I want it. And then probably one of the about 10 series and films I've bookmarked already.

Just watched "Let's Kill Hitler". You know, most of S6 is so full of stuff that I'll soon need a rewatch of everything to process it. Might really rewatch 5 and 6 both. But I think I'm rather becoming rather fangirly of Matt Smith's acting. And Amy and Rory are so lovely.
16 July 2017 @ 05:29 pm

ETA: link

Will be coherent later, for now I'm just running around screaming. :D :D :D

ET again A: The clip is now up at the BBC website:



Another edit - some quotes from Whittaker, Capaldi & Chibnall here:


Announcing that I've finally got around to importing my journal (entries, icons, comments and the whole shebang) into Dreamwidth, and am now testing crossposting from here. I'm not yet sure which will be my primary posting and commenting platform, but I do intend to keep a presence on both sites. So if you'd rather follow me on Dreamwidth, or at least want an access to my entries in the case LJ goes kaboom, you feel free to add me (my username on DW is also [personal profile] auroracloud). I've added some of you there before, and will add any of my friends that add me, but if your username is different on DW than LJ, please let me know. Also, if you post on both sites but have a preference which site you'd like me to comment to your entries on, please tell me. Otherwise I'll comment wherever I feel more comfortable posting, and I haven't yet decided which one that is.

I do have to say that LJ has felt increasingly frustrating this spring because of all the site changes. While I choose to post on these journalling sites with assumption that any secret services might have access to them and they most likely don't give a damn because I'm not posting anything they're interested in, and that data security is always a bit of a risk on the internet, I really did not appreciate being made to sign a TOS that says I should follow Russian laws. Because there are a few that I'm not in agreement and, for example, find more than a teensy bit offensive to my person (hello, bi here, and more than eager to discuss and write all things LGBT+). On the other hand, it's not like I'm a primary target as a EU citizen with very few followers and hardly any political content, but it still was unpleasant on principle. Then the customer service has been pretty horrid, not responding to users' comments and worries, but instead keeping implementing changes none of us want, and not implementing changes any of us do want. I worry about the day the new posting interface will become mandatory, because I don't want to use it. I think it was that and the recent Facebook import thing that tipped the scales for me and made me decide to see if I'd rather start using Dreamwidth as the primary platform. But I've been meaning to start posting also to DW anyway, because I'm set to host Write Every Day in August, and I've noticed that after the TOS thing, most of the participants have started commenting on DW. So it's better to be available on DW by then.

Anyway. Following weeks will tell which site I'll be more pleased to use as my primary platform, but I will be posting and commenting on both.

(Eeeee! The posting interface here actually looks like LJ's used to look! I'd missed that!)
NPT reveals have happened! It was a very short anon period, alas, but now I can actually talk about this. It was my first time writing this fandom - and it's a for a show I've loved for a long time. I used to watch The Pretender on German TV, and read a lot of (English) fanfic on the old pretender.de archive back in 2001/02, checking it almost daily until it vanished. My fic reading dropped off after that, but I never stopped loving the show, and rewatching it - my last full rewatch was in 2015 - only reinforced that. (It holds up very well, in case you were wondering. ♥)

Writing it myself for the first time after all that time felt pretty strange, but in a good way. :)

Title: Set Us Free
Pairing: Miss Parker/Jarod
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jarod should be used to people being unworthy of trust, but some things hit closer to home than others. - Miss Parker knows how it goes when Jarod calls her in the middle of the night, but some calls are stranger than others.
A/N: This story refers to events from episode 3.04, Someone to Trust, in which Jarod gets himself hired as an arsonist and becomes close to his boss's seemingly-innocent wife. But Kristi isn't what she seems, and Jarod finds himself in trouble. Don't worry if you don't remember the episode well (or at all) - everything in the story should be clear from context.
Written for [personal profile] the_rck as part of Not Primetime 2017.

Originally posted here at AO3.

Set Us Free )
14 July 2017 @ 08:20 pm
It's almost time for the Thirteenth Doctor! Announcement on Sunday!

In 2008/09, when Eleven was cast, I had very definite opinons about who I wanted it to be, and was disappointed both that it wasn't Paterson Joseph, and that it turned out to be a VERY young white bloke. (Also, OMG I hated that leather jacket look - so offputting.)

In 2013, when Twelve was cast, I didn't have specific preferences but hoped for someone who wasn't a young white bloke, and at least got one out of three.

This time? Especially after all the groundwork Moffat has been laying, if it's not a woman this time I'm going to be disappointed. If it's a white man I'm going to be disappointed and angry. And if it's Kris Marshall as has been rumoured, I'm going to be furious and will probably not watch series 11 live.

I haven't really been following the rumour mill, but I've read enough to know that unlike last time, this time round rumours about female candidates have been treated seriously by all involved, which is great. But if they don't do it this time, they'll have lost the last chance to make it mean something other than a tired old "well, better late than never, I suppose."

Cross all your fingers for Thirteen!
11 July 2017 @ 07:46 pm
So, yeah, I know I haven't posted properly about the Doctor Who finale yet, but OMG so much squee. In fact, [personal profile] navaan and I have been squeeing a lot about Missy in particular, and while bouncing fic ideas around we had an idea for a different kind of Remix challenge.

It went something like this:
  1. The world needs more Missy!
  2. Someone should do a fest or a challenge or something.
  3. A fest where Missy gets to be in everything! Everything's better with more Missy.
  4. A Missy remix! Remix this fic by adding Missy to it!
  5. Someone should really do that.
  6. "Someone" is going to be us, isn't it?

(Yes - while our annual Doctor/Jack fest is still posting over at [community profile] wintercompanion, we're already planning the next thing ... *headdesk*)

In general terms this is how it would work:

Like in a normal remix challenge, people would sign up with the body of Doctor Who work they've written and be assigned a remixer, who gets to pick one of their stories to remix. The difference - all remixes would have the aim to add Missy somehow, for example:
  • Missy's POV on what happened
  • Missy doing things behind the scene while the plot unfolds
  • Missy directly bursting in on the story and interacting with everyone else
  • ...

(More general info about remixes.)

This is, admittedly, a very specific idea for a fest! So before we set to work, we wanted to find out if anyone who isn't us would actually be interested in taking part in a challenge like this. So let us know:

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I'd take part!
6 (46.2%)

I don't know if I'd take part, but I'm interested
7 (53.8%)