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magic_7_words: Home Is Where the Heart Is... (Jack/Nine pre-slash) [G]

Title: Home Is Where the Heart Is (So Your Real Home's in Your Chest)
Author: magic_7_words
Challenge: Amnesty 2013, "Home is"
Rating: G
Pairing: Jack/Nine pre-slash/friendship fic
Spoilers/warnings: none
Summary: Show tunes, fluff, and an almost-crossover.
Author's Note: My sincere apologies to anyone who tries to make sense of this without having first seen "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." But really, if you haven't seen it, you should go rectify that now. I'll wait.

Jack has discovered the TARDIS karaoke room.

Rose can hear him belting through the wall and clear down the corridor, or so she claims, grinning impishly and bouncing on the balls of her feet and telling the Doctor he's got to come see for himself. The Doctor follows, nonplussed, into a part of the TARDIS he could have sworn didn't exist yesterday.

"Everyone's a hero in their own way! Everyone's got villains they must face..."

"Lad's got a good voice," the Doctor comments. "But his musical taste is terrible."

Rose grins, then sets a finger to her lips and opens the door.

They needn't have worried about stealth; noise hits them like a palpable wave. The room is lit by strobes and lasers, to dizzying effect. Jack stands on a raised platform, eyes closed and arms outstretched, singing his heart out to a wildly cheering holographic crowd. The Doctor points his sonic screwdriver at the control panel.

"They're not as cool as mine, but folks, you know, it's fine to—heyy!"

The music and the strobes die, replaced by a more sensible faux-incandescent ambiance. The crowd freezes in place mid-cheer. A video screen in the corner displays the lyrics he's been singing, superimposed on an image of Nathan Fillion in oversized black gloves. Jack turns to the Doctor and Rose and gives one of his trademark smiles, the one that says I hope I'm not in trouble, but even if I am, this was totally worth it.

"Don't have the range for anything decent, is that it?" the Doctor teases.

Jack's face relaxes as he jumps down from the pedestal. "Rose, have you seen this movie? It's from your time. Well, almost. There's a doctor and a captain, and a lovely lady trying to decide between them. Though she's dating the captain, I might add. Come look at this, it's got all the songs." Rose moves to join him in front of the control panel, where he starts pointing out features of the room.

"Haven't got to the end, I bet," the Doctor grumbles.

"...And it's got six microphones. We could do live performances! Doc, I can't believe you never told us about this room!"

"You caterwaul like that, and you wonder why I keep it a secret?" The Doctor crosses his arms and leans against the doorframe. "Truth is, the TARDIS should have dumped it in the last remodel. I'll be having words with her."

"Don't you dare. This is great. I'm telling you, we're putting on a show."

"This Captain Hammer sounds like a complete berk," Rose, who's been scrolling through the song's lyrics, chimes in. "Are you sure you want to be him, Jack?"

"Hey, we captains need to stick together," Jack says. "Besides, there are only three parts, and the Doctor's more of a screwdriver man, am I right?" His tone and cheeky wink, as always, lend a dirty double entendre to the words.

The Doctor rolls his eyes. "Nine hundred years of phone box travel, I think you can assume at some point I've used a hammer."

"Oh, I've seen the mallet you keep in the console room," says Jack. "Not so sure the TARDIS likes it like that, though. I mean, if I were the TARDIS--"

Jack's voice cuts off. His lips keep moving, but no sound is coming out. The Doctor, grinning like a cat, has the sonic pointing at his throat and buzzing. Jack notices and abruptly grows more animated, as if he's shouting, but he's still completely silent.

Rose sidles up to the Doctor, barely-suppressed laughter in her voice. "What did you do to him?"

"Setting 23A." The Doctor beams. "Noise cancellation. I think we've had enough singing for one day, Captain." He switches off the sonic. Jack scowls and rubs his throat.

"What is the universe coming to," Jack whines, "when a man can't sing show tunes in the privacy of his own home?"

The Doctor opens his mouth like he's about to retort. Then he closes it and ducks his head, hiding a smile that's suddenly far too vulnerable to share.

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Awe, that last bit is so adorable. Thank you.

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You've really captured their voices in this--I could just hear the Team Tardis sass! And that last line was so touching.. A great little ficlet!

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Now if only we could sometimes use setting 23A on the Doctor. :)

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That's a great idea :D