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lilithbint: Not a proper governess (Jack/Twelve) [PG13] - SUMMER HOLIDAYS PROMPT 6

Title: Not a proper governess
Author: lilithangel ([profile] lilithbint)
Prompt: 6 - love, sewing, recipe, Spoonful of Sugar (Mary Poppins)
Rating: PG13
Characters: The Doctor (twelfth), Jack, Missy, OCs
Spoilers/warnings: spoilers for series ten

Summary: The Doctor wants Missy to make amends while the guilt is still strong. They go looking for Jack as one of the few survivors of her previous regenerations.

* * * * *

Two sets of judgemental eyes stared up at the man standing on the doorstep.

“You don't look like a proper governess,” the boy said critically.

“That's because I'm not a proper governess,” the man replied, “I'm better than a proper governess.”

“She looks like a proper governess,” the girl added, pointing to the woman lounging behind him.

“She is definitely not a proper governess,” he said firmly as she waved languidly at them, “in fact you should ignore her completely.”

“The last one didn't last very long,” the little girl said with obvious satisfaction, “we’re supposed to be getting another one.”

“Governess’ don’t stay long,” the boy added with a smirk far too smug.

A woman came down the hallway behind the children smiling as she buttoned up a military shirt. “Hello, don’t mind these two rapscallions, I’m Major…”

“Ellery, yes, it’s an honour to meet you major,” the Doctor cast a warning glance at Missy who rolled her eyes at him and moved up to stand beside him.

“Are you from the agency?” Major Ellery asked.

“Yes, yes we are,” Missy said flipping open the psychic paper she'd slipped from his pocket and showing it to her.

“Hey,” the Doctor scowled.

“You'll have to excuse him, this is his first job. Please call me Missy, I've come along to ensure everything goes smoothly,” Missy said with a beaming smile.

“Well Jack spoke very highly of your agency,” Major Ellery said, “I'm just sorry I can't stay to help you get settled but we're shipping out in twenty-four hours so it's wonderful that you could find me someone so quickly, Missy and I'm Ema. Please come in and meet everyone properly and I'll show you around.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Missy said and headed down the hallway with the Doctor right behind her.

“Austin and Charlotte come and meet, I'm sorry I completely forgot to get your name,” Major Ellery smiled apologetically at the Doctor.

“John,” the Doctor said quickly before Missy could say anything, “John Smith.”

“Children, Mr Smith is going to look after you and tutor you while I'm away,” Ema said and the children scowled at him.

“I don't see why you have to go again,” Austin said.

“Because it's my job honey,” Ema said kneeling down in front of them.

“But what if you don't come back this time?” Charlotte whispered looking at the floor.

“I will do everything in my power to come back every time,” she replied pulling them into a hug. “Now, where's Jack?”

“Where he always is before you go away,” Austin said.

“He just won't give up,” Ema laughed, “I keep telling him it's fine even if it's never as good as Gamma's. Come and meet Jack, Missy and John. Jack looks after all of us,” she added leading them to the back of the house.

“Is Jack shipping out with you?” the Doctor asked.

“No,” Ema shook her head, “Jack is the cook, housekeeper and gardener.”

“He could be our governess too,” Charlotte said.

“You know he can't,” Ema said with a small laugh. “Jack's amazing but even he has limits. Jack the new governess is here or should we really say tutor?”

They entered a bright and cheerful room that was kitchen and dining space combined with tall windows flanking the view of a lush and wild back garden. A man stood with his back to them stirring something on the stove.

“Just let me turn the sauce down,” Jack said before turning.

“Jack this is John and Missy from the agency. John will be looking after the children for us so you can concentrate on Gamma's secret sauce.”

Jack smiled and held out a hand. “I will crack it one day. Nice to meet you John, I hope the kids haven't scared you too much.” The Doctor was unable to hide his flinch when faced with Jack's clouded scarred orbs but he took the offered hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you Jack,” he said, “and I'm sure the children and I will get along just fine.”

“I like your confidence.” Jack's smile was as wide and handsome as the Doctor remembered.

“Oh my,” Missy said, “what ever happened to you?”

“Missy,” the Doctor warned.

“Oh sorry,” she said, “not good?”

“Not good,” the Doctor agreed.

“No it's fine,” Jack said with a laugh, “it's refreshing actually. You must be Missy then?” He turned his gaze on Missy.

The Doctor opened his mouth and then snapped it shut as Jack let got of his hand to bring Missy's to his lips.

“Do they hurt?” Missy asked before the Doctor could stop her.

“They itch mainly,” Jack replied.

“Right then,” the Doctor interrupted with a clap of his hands, “how about the rest of the tour? Missy can't stay long she has to get back to work. That is assuming I'm suitable?” he said to Ema.

“What do you think Jack?” Ema asked.

“I think John will do just fine,” Jack said.

“Excellent,” the Doctor said, “I'll be back in the morning then shall I?”

“You should both stay for dinner,” Jack said, “everyone can get to know each other and you can admit my sauce is as good as Gamma's.”

“Never,” Ema and the children chorused.

After an only slightly awkward dinner where Jack demonstrated that his blindness didn’t stop his essential Jackness, they headed back to the TARDIS.

“So what should we talk about first?” Missy asked chirpily. “Freaky Jack being blind or Freaky Jack living with the hero of the Pleiades at the very moment that determines the future of this galaxy?”

“I know it's a bit of a coincidence and don't call him a freak.”

“I mean it in the nicest way, honest.”

“How did it go?” Nardole asked when they entered the TARDIS.

“Wonderfully,” Missy replied. “We could be destroying an entire civilisation.”

“So forgiveness was gotten and we can go now?” Nardole said hopefully.

“Nope, the Doctor's got a new job babysitting.”

“You said it was going to be a quick stop before we picked Bill back up. Make amends you said, facing the consequences of her actions you said,” Nardole grumbled.

“Oh she's still going to apologise and face what she's done,” the Doctor said, “we just have to figure out what triggers the major's choice and the path of her people and make sure it's the golden age and not the dark age.”

“Oh come on,” Missy said, “it was a great age. The destruction of the solar systems lit up the universe for decades.”

“Millions died.”

“Millions always die. It's what they're good at.”

“But not if we can help it.”

“Yes... yes...” Missy rolled her eyes again.

“So tomorrow I'll go back to the house, talk to Jack see what he knows and then once we know what has to happen then you can apologise properly to him.”

“Fine,” Missy huffed and collapsed onto a chair. “I'll make amends and then this annoying thing in my chest will go away right?”

“It's a start,” the Doctor said, his attention obviously not in the room.

* * * * *

The next day the Doctor took a suitcase and went back to the house leaving Missy to work on the engines and Nardole to glare at her. Charlotte opened the door and dragged him in.

“You just missed mother,” she said, “I’ll show you to your room.”

“That’s alright,” the Doctor said, “I can see it later. I want to discuss your daily routine and lesson plan with Jack first.”

“No,” she said quickly, “you should see your room first and then you can find Jack, he’s not up yet anyway.”

The Doctor raised an eyebrow but allowed her to pull him up the stairs working on the assumption that the children has some sort of plan to scare or discomfort him on his first day.

Two minutes later Austen was sulking in the corner covered in mud and Charlotte was learning about the feeding habits of the Quarlian slug beetle (half a teaspoon of sugar once a week and definitely no salt).

“Right then,” the Doctor said once he’d sent Austen off to the bathroom, “I’m quite sure Jack will be up and about by now so I’ll just pop downstairs and find him.”

Jack was in the conservatory drinking a cup of tea with another cup on the table beside him still hot. “Hope I remembered how you like it, Doctor,” he said, “or has that changed too?”

“How did you know?”

“There wasn’t anyone else who would have turned up just this time and just this place,” Jack answered, “and a mutual friend told me you’d gone a bit Scottish. Besides, John Smith?”

The Doctor sat down next to Jack and sipped his tea. “It appears my tea taste buds are still the same. Jack, what happened?”

“My ship crashed but I didn’t die,” Jack replied, “so blind I stay until my next death. Turns out the older I get the less inclined I am to die unnecessarily. Then when I realised who Ema was I decided to hang around and find out what actually happened. The battle for the Pleiades was required reading at the Agency. The powers were convinced there had been meddling in time but it was so tightly woven that nobody could prove anything. It was a bit of a class competition to see who would solve it. Feels like a bit of a cheat to find out it was you.”

“Well, to be honest we didn’t realise when we were,” the Doctor admitted. “I asked the TARDIS to find you and this is where we ended up.”

Jack laughed, “well that makes more sense than you masquerading as a governess. I’m going to have to apologise to Carlos at the agency, although he might thank me, Austen and Charlotte are developing quite a reputation. So if it isn’t you that guides the hero of the Pleiades then what happened?”

“You happened,” Missy interrupted.

“I thought I told you to wait at the ship,” the Doctor said.

“You tell me a lot of things, one day I might listen to some of them,” she said and Jack laughed. “We popped to the library, it took some time but I, and when I say I, I mean your other minion, found a small footnote, a reference to Major Ellery’s diary where she speaks fondly of a blind gardener who watched over her children. Then later the Empress gave thanks at her inauguration to a man called Jack for helping her find strength as the fire rained down.”

“Well that’s not what I expected,” Jack said.

“Well it makes more sense than him, he’s never been that subtle,” Missy said. “Nor me for that matter.”

“So why did you come looking for me after all this time?” Jack asked.

“Such a long time,” Missy added, “how do you bear it? I would have slaughtered entire planets out of boredom alone. Once upon a time I would have,” she added under the Doctor’s glare.

“Your companions have gotten a lot more blood thirsty,” Jack said.

“Oh I’m not a companion,” Missy corrected, “I’m a friend.”

“A friend?” Jack raised a scarred eyebrow, “you’ve never had many of them Doc, aside from the homicidal ones.” Suddenly there was a gun in Jack’s hand pointing unerringly at Missy. “And only one who could have popped out to a library with the history of the Pleiades beyond the now. Tell me Doc, why shouldn’t I just blast a hole right through her?”

“Aside from the mess?” the Doctor said as Missy grinned manically at him.

“Come now,” Missy said. “You’re part of my twelve step programme. Identify those you have done harm to and acknowledge that harm. You know make amends.”

“And what harm would that be?” Jack said without lowering his weapon.

“Well you know, the imprisonment, the torture, the endless killing,” Missy waved her hand vaguely.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Jack said dropping his hand.

“Come on Missy, you’ve got to do better than that,” the Doctor said.

“No she doesn’t,” Jack said, “she can get the hell out of here and you can join her.”

“Go back to the TARDIS Missy,” the Doctor said. “I need to speak to Jack.”

“Well fine, but this redemption thing is going to take forever. How about I shoot him and give him back his sight?” she suggested. “That would count wouldn't it?”

“Go!” the Doctor growled.

“He gets techy when he’s not the one to save the day,” Missy said as she sashayed her way out.

“She's experiencing remorse for the first time in her very long life, but she's still not a good person, not yet,” the Doctor said. “It's not a reason for you to forgive her or even care. What she did to you and to the Earth was unforgivable but I can't give up on her.”

“I understand,” Jack replied, “I'm as angry as hell but I understand and you can still get the hell out of here. She doesn't feel remorse, she just doesn't want you angry with her. What she did to me was never the issue, that was my sacrifice to keep you alive. Alive to mourn him over the thousands he killed. Alive to do what you always do which is save us, but you can't save us from her because she's you. So I can forgive her if you need me to but it won't change what she is, it won't give her empathy. We spent a lot of time together that year so I got to see quite a bit of that mad bit of flesh he called a brain.”

“She's spent quite a lot of time recently alone with that mad bit of flesh,” the Doctor said.

“Am I still impossible to look at?” Jack asked, derailing the Doctor's thoughts.

“Not like you were when I was younger,” the Doctor answered. “Time still flows around you and I always know where you are even if I'm nowhere near.”

“It's funny, I used to track your passage through events in history until I could predict where you would turn up then I stopped,” Jack mused. “I couldn't live as long as I have waiting on you. I've lived a thousand lives and helped as many as I could. I've been tired and enlivened by every species I've encountered and seen the worst of sentient life. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption.”

“Thank you, Jack.”

“Don't thank me yet, she will have to make amends starting with the governess gig.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“She's not the only one who can visit a library. There was another one mentioned in the diaries. Charlotte will make an amazing empress but her brother is going to be the power behind the throne and he needs exposure to a more manipulative mind than mine.”

“You have got to be kidding?”

“Nope. If she's truly serious about amends she can stay and help me help the children through what's going to happen. Twenty years of war will almost decimate this galaxy, the children needs to survive and thrive to lead their people to the golden age.” Jack turned his blind eyes to the Doctor.

* * * * *

Twenty years of war turned gardens to dust and children into grim faced adults and a gardener and governess sat in a kitchen to listen and advise when not arguing with each other and coming close to the edge of madness. They were there when the major's body was returned, they were there when the enemy was finally pushed back.

They weren't there when the empress was crowned supreme ruler of the Pleiades because a mad man in a box came back and took them away before they killed each other.

“Will you travel with us for a while?” the Doctor asked Jack, “I've got a friend I'd like you to meet.”

“Not right now Doc,” Jack said, “some time ago a friend of mine told me he was looking to make amends and I ignored him. If Missy can start to change perhaps he can too. We'll catch up again Doctor.”

“You're not difficult to look at all now Jack,” the Doctor said.

“Aside from the scars,” Missy said from the door. “I can still kill you and fix that you know?”

“She's got a bit more to learn,” Jack said. “But I'll leave that to you, I've got my own madman to deal with first. There's a ship due, drop me off on the way past?” He raised his hand to salute the Doctor only to be pulled into a hug.

“Thank you, Jack,” the Doctor said releasing the hug.

“You're welcome,” Jack said. “She's not, but you are. I hope she becomes what you need her to be.”

“So do I.”

“At least I'll always have the memory of her at Charlotte's birthday party to brighten my days.”

The Doctor smiled and shooed Missy into the TARDIS with Jack behind him and tried not to imagine that it could be a forever thing.



[personal profile] marieldraconis 2017-07-13 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Missy's trying, but she still doesn't quite get that killing someone may be the easy solution, but that doesn't make it the best one. (Even if it's Jack).

But it sounds like she and Jack managed to avoid killing each other in those years, so there's hope for her and it sounds like some of Jack's wounds have started to heal.

(Aka, I like this fic and it feels fairly in-character as of mid-season 10).

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Thank you,
I like to hope that they could all work through their issues given enough time and that's what they've all got,
glad you enjoyed it.