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Reminder - Summer/Winter Holidays 9, last day of sign-ups!

If you have already signed up: please reply promptly to the prompt selection email if you haven't yet, so that assignments can go out quickly after sign-ups close!

If you haven't signed up yet: there's still time to join this year's Summer/Winter Holidays here at [community profile] wintercompanion! Sign-ups will remain open until it's no longer the 28th anywhere in the world.

Willing to write 500 words of Doctor/Jack based on a specific prompt?
Willing to create a Doctor/Jack fanwork of any type - a vid, banner or drawing, icons, anything else you can think of?

Here's the link to the sign-up post - leave us your name and an email address, and whether you'd like to do fic or art (or both).

Come help us make July a fantastic month again!

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